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The right message. In the right place. At the right time.

Our job is to reach your audience with your message. Primarily, we achieve this through the expert and efficient use of social media. However, we have plenty more tools at our – and your – disposal.

Effective use of social media

We combine our knowledge about recruitment with an in depth knowledge of social media channels; this is how we build campaigns that ensure an abundance of well-qualified applicants.


If your recruitment strategy is to succeed over time, with optimized results, it pays to put effort into more than just a targeted campaign

Business pages in social media.

We develop business pages for both LinkedIn and Facebook, focusing on functionality, text, images and movies.


Have you ever thought about how your Facebook page should appeal to both customers and potential employees?

Landing pages and career pages.

A good landing page and career site is one of the most important tools in the recruitment process. This is where a candidate is finally convinced to apply, having decided that your social media campaign was most relevant and exciting.


We can assist in developing the page content, as well as hosting external pages where applicable.

Production of image and film.

Good relevant pictures, or a good movie, provide very good results in social media; it simply creates more involvement.


Through our partners, we can help you with ideas, scripts and video production to use in both social media and on your career site. We also have a variety of photographers at our disposal, each specializing in different types and styles of pictures.

Publications in other media: digital and analogue.

In many situations it benefits to complement your social media activity with other channels – ranging from newspaper adverts, to banners on other websites – with the help of targeted IP advertisements.


We can assist you with the production and publication of ads through almost any relevant recruitment channel.

How can we assist you?

If there is anything you are wondering about, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to assist you!

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