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Post Social | Exemplars
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We are only as good as the results we deliver

For us, customer satisfaction and good results are all that matter. In the end, we are measured by your success.

Some client testimonials:

Finding skilled mechanics to the 42 Scania garages in Norway is a challenge. We have found that Post Social have been very dedicated to the task of getting the message that we have vacant positions out there, especially that we’re recruiting mechanics. There is no doubt that we have a common goal. The first task has been to spread the word to the right audience. With the aid of Post Social and their expertise with social media, for example Facebook, we have had a substantial increase in the exposure of our job postings. This is promising!


Trude Brøndelsbo, HR Director 

This has been an exciting project, as seen from our side of the table. The whole process with Post Social Norway has been efficient, with little need for input from our side, which is a refreshing change compared to other external vendors. The task at hand was complex, given that we wanted to reach a broad target group. We can none the less acknowledge that the campaign had great effect, something we can still see the ripple effect of.


Mette Ditlevsen Essebo, Director of Communications 

Our co-operation with Post Social has resulted in a higher number of qualified applicants with the right profile to our restaurant Lekter’n. The campaign on Facebook and Instagram gave us a high reach and attention in our target audience and we have recruited our summer staff earlier than ever before. The competition for skilled restaurant workers is tough and we can highly recommend working with Post Social when it comes to recruiting through social media.


Nanny Nilson, HR Co-ordinator.

In addition to traditional job postings, we use social media to get in touch with relevant candidates. We use Post Social to help us in this regard and are very satisfied with both the good advice we get in advance of campaigns, and the results.


Christian Westermark, General Manager  

Post Social have been a professional partner with regards to our job postings. They have been service minded and have shown a keen interest in doing a good job for us as a client. Through the campaign Post Social ran for us on Facebook and Instagram, we have reached a target audience we normally would not have.


Vilde Lauritzsen, Construction Engineer.

We have had great effect from using Post Social in recruiting. Our advisor at Post Social was trustworthy, did his homework and kept in touch with us throughout the whole advertising period. Our campaign was effective, and we had a great selection of candidates for interviews.


Jon Jevne, HR Director

We wanted to renew our methods for attracting candidates to our vacant positions, and looked to other sources than traditional media channels. To reach the ideal candidates, we asked for assistance from Post Social, who helped us define the target audience within the regions where we needed summer temps.

We have on two occasions advertised through Snapchat and Facebook, and both campaigns gave us numerous qualified candidates who wanted to combine studies and a summer vacation with a job at Hertz. We have also seen that these campaigns have boosted our general presence in media. We are very satisfied with our co-operation with Post Social and will use them in upcoming campaigns.


Elisabeth Gjerdingen, HR-Director 

The Fossumkollektivet foundation have used Post Social for several open positions. The result is that we have reached our target audience and therefore received qualified applications. Post Social are both service minded and flexible.


Line Holm, Personnel Officer

Diakonhjemmet Hospital often posts specialist positions, primarily in the health sector, where competition is fierce for qualified workers. We regularly use Post Social to be able to assert ourselves in the competition for the best candidates, and we are very satisfied with the results.

We also find that we meet advisers who understand our company’s needs, who act quickly and who are always available – both by e-mail and telephone. Our impression is that the combination of their expertise in recruitment and social media, well-targeted ads, and their advisers paying close attention and following up on campaigns, are some of the success criteria behind their excellent service.


Stine Kvalen Andersen, Recruitment Manager

This was a completely new and positive experience for us. With the help of Post Social’s solution with “Lead Ad”, we got in touch with applicants who most likely otherwise would not have learned of our needs.

With Post Social, we could present our positions directly to the target group, with minimal resources and costs on our end.

It has been interesting reading the results of our campaigns. The entire process from A – Z has been simply educational! We see that we are now considerably increasing our chances – compared to traditional methods – of filling even the most challenging postings.


Cathrine Waaler Halstensen – Human Resources Director 

We recruit from a broad range of areas of expertise, and in December 2017, we began working with Post Social. The goal was to achieve better targeting accuracy in our search for the best candidates. PS has contributed well to this by quickly getting acquainted with our organisation and our services, and through good follow-up and professionalism, they have shown a great capacity to assist us in design and targeted publication of strong campaigns with a clear message for people who may be suited to working with us. PS is good at adjusting our requirement specifications for targeted searches, and their top expertise on social media in combination with a broad knowledge of recruitment processes thus represents key assistance in our recruitment efforts.


Erik A. Kristoffersen, HR Consultant 

We have used Post Social on a number of occasions and are highly satisfied with the results. We have previously had challenges efficiently reaching out to the right candidates, particularly for security and high-value transport positions.

We are particularly impressed by the Lead Ad solution they use on sites such as Facebook and Instagram. It has both simplified the way candidates can declare their interest in our positions and allows us to get in touch in a manner we never before were able to. We save time in particular by being able to evaluate candidates through a short conversation before they even come in for an interview. We find that Post Social makes a difficult issue simple, and it doesn’t demand much of us to implement the large-scale task Post Social does for us before, during and after the campaign period.


Vidar Lian, Operating Manager

We have used Post Social on several occasions and notice that we find the candidates who may not necessarily be looking for a new job, but who are interested when they see that ASKO is looking for talent. Our new finance and human resources manager is proof of that


Tom Wilhelm Midthun, Recruitment and Training

We recruit from a broad range in the construction industry. We are constantly in development and need the best heads in the business. We have used Post Social to advertise multiple times and have experience good responses to the posted positions. We feel our cooperation with Post Social is well-functioning and the planning, execution and follow-up for campaigns has worked well.


Sigbjørn Rød, Resource/HR/IT Director

The Municipality of Nord-Odal has used Post Social when advertising central positions in the municipality. I am satisfied with the excellent cooperation we had with them in connection with our advertisement on social media.  We got many great hits on our advertisements, which led to many great applicants. I am thankful for the superb cooperation involved in these advertisements.


Trine J. Hansen, Assistant Councillor

The Salvation Army’s substance abuse care at Gatehospitalet Bergen has used the services of Post Social AS in connection with the recruitment of health personnel. The campaign lasted for 14 days with a direct link to the advertisement.

The project manager at Post Social AS was very responsive to our needs, and our cooperation was good throughout the entire process. We are highly satisfied with the cooperation and how we were met by the project manager. It is clear that Post Social AS has excellent tools for reaching the relevant target groups.  We received many great applicants that we believe we otherwise would not have reached. At the end of the application period, we got an overview of the results of all the hits on various media platforms. We recommend others to use Post Social AS to reach the right target group for their goals. 


Marianne Ørpetveit, General Manager of Gatehospitalet Bergen

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