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Our expertise lies within both recruitment and social media

We have wide, extensive experience in both recruitment and social media. Both are crucial for creating long-term success.



Over the years we have gained profound knowledge of technology, algorithms and the unique possibilities targeting in various social media can offer. At the same time, we have long and wide knowledge of recruitment – both short-term recruitment and long-term profiling. Our experience tells us this combination is crucial to generate success. There is a big difference between selling shoes, and looking to hire a shoe salesman.


Post Social was established in 2015 and is represented in Norway and Sweden. We also carry out campaigns in other countries like USA, Denmark, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Jan Erik Stuedal

Director | Tlf. + 47 41 30 11 11 |


Jan Erik founded Post Social and is the company director. He has previously been responsible for various recruitment situations, worked for StepStone, expanded the Edda Media (now part of Amedia) marketplace for job advertisements, and has managed a recruitment agency.


Jan Erik has an in-depth knowledge of social media and, owing to his endless curiosity, never stops looking for ways to reach untapped, targeted audiences.

Kirsti Nøttestad

Sales Manager| Tlf. + 47 99 42 11 22 |


Kirsti has over 30 years of sales experience, including 10 years from NTI CADcenter and Byggfakta- Gruppen, where she worked with a number of companies in the construction industry.


She is a distinguished relationship builder and very dedicated when it comes to developing a good relationship with her customers.

Tatiana Stuedal



Tatiana has a bachelor degree in both management and administration, and economics and accounting. She has extensive management experience from the service industry, and now sets her focus on accounting.


Tatiana loves numbers and is phenomenal when it comes to advanced math and analysis.

Ia Samuelsen

Media Advisor | Tlf. + 47 98 10 40 68 |


Ia is a trained project manager. She has extensive experience from the service industry and are dedicated to making sure that customers feel well taken care of, in addition to making sure that they achieve good results from our campaigns.


Ia is a very plesant and active soul. In addition to being a customer-oriented employee, she has a great interest for the outdoors.

Andreas Rønbeck

Media Advisor | Tlf. +47 45 22 19 99 | 


Andreas has extensive experience from the advertising industry and the sales profession.


He is a trained advertising copywriter from Westerdals. Before he worked in sales, he worked with digital ads, SoMe and content marketing. He has worked with creatives, text and production in the advertising industry – and with sales at a Nordic and international lever – for around 22 years.


Andreas likes to build good lasting relationships. His broad expertise and experience from various industries, gives us and our customers that little extra.

Johan Svinth

Media Advisor | Tlf. +47 40 61 73 82 | 


Johan is a graduate from Helsingborg Sportsgymnasium and Johan er utdannet fra Helsingborg Sportsgymnasium og BI Norwegian Business School. He is originally Swedish, but has worked has worked for 6 years with customer care for Hafslund here in Norway.

Johan excels as a very sympathetic advisor. As a customer, you will immediately feel that he has your best interest in mind.


How can we assist you?

If there is anything you are wondering about, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to assist you!

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